Mind Your Body

Yoga I / Yoga II - Beginning/Intermediate
- yoga with an emphasis on precision and alignment. Along with this, sequencing plays an important role in the classes. Beginners should take Yoga I.

Ease Into Yoga - Come try this fun, easy-going, gentle way to practice yoga and reap its numerous benefits. Ease into Yoga is perfect for the beginner or the timid.

Intro to Yoga - Interested in yoga, but not ready for class? This series is designed to get you introduced and familiar enough with yoga that class will be no problem!

Yin Yoga - Balance your “Yin” energy with this combination of Hatha and Taoist yoga targeting your ligaments and tendons. Postures are primarily seated or lying to promote clearing of energetic blockages, growth and enhance circulation. Please visit mybpocatello.com for more information.

Yoga for Strength & Balance - This class will focus on the development of core strength and balance through a dynamic Vinyasa-style flow.

Stress Less Yoga - This sequence of gentle and supported poses is designed to calm the mind, balance the nervous system, nourish the internal organs and create a feeling of deep peace.

Pilates - Pilates focuses on training the body’s small interior muscles that support our skeletal system for balance and posture. Continued Pilates practice will build a longer, leaner physique while increasing strength, flexibility and coordination.

Yoga/Pilates Mixed ClassThis is a multi-leveled class that provides the opportunity to honor your body, mind and spirit. Experience the support through our wonderful group energy! *This is not a MYB Punch Card Class. If interested, please contact Mary 208-238-3270.

​​Beginning kundalini – Immerse yourself in the use of breath and focus to increase flexibility and strength. Enjoy meditative music throughout class.

Floor Barre - Barre class is excellent for your hips and hamstrings and you will learn and develop an added dimension to your weekly activities. 

Zumba - A fun mix of low- and high-intensity moves for an interval-style, calorie-burning dance fitness party set to Latin rhythms.

Kids’ Zumba - A Zumba class just for kids! They will move to music, improve coordination, gain an appreciation of Latin rhythms and have a load of fun!

Studio Pricing Information

Single Class Drop-In        $10
10-Session Punch Card   $75
1-Month Unlimited Pass   $90
3-Month Unlimited Pass $235



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Mind your Body

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